Lose the weight that's driving you nuts and put dieting behind you for good.

If you found yourself here, we’re thinking that maybe you…

  • Saw a picture of yourself recently and thought “Oh my god, my arms! I have got to lose weight.”
  • Have been forcing yourself to work out a decent amount but the scale just will. not. move.
  • Have gained and lost the same five or ten pounds over and over again the past few years
  • Are beyond sick and tired of feeling self-conscious in your own skin and crazy around food.
  • Are fed up with seeing everyone’s before & after’s on Instagram and thinking “why am I not seeing those results?
  • Feel like if you could just lose some weight, your whole life would be better.

And of course, you want to be healthy and have more energy but, if you’re being totally honest, (looks around, leans in, and whispers)....

You really just wanna lose 10 pounds.

Well friend, no shame in that. And if you’re shaking your head “yes” to any of the above, you’re in the right place.

We’re here to help you…

  • Lose those annoying first ten pounds.
  • Kick dieting to the curb like a shitty boyfriend you should have dumped months ago.
  • Stop obsessing about each meal and just eat like a normal human being again.
  • Finally lose all the weight that’s been driving you nuts.
  • Stop hating your body.
  • Regain the ability to sit down comfortably in jeans or wear anything fitted.
  • Reclaim your confidence.
  • And move on with your life.

Now does that sound like something you’d be interested in?

Then we’ve got a question for ya:

  • What would it be like if weight loss didn’t have to be so. damn. hard?
  • What if you could walk into any room feeling confident and beautiful, the way you used to feel?
  • What if you weren’t thinking about your weight all the time and could free up some of that mental space for better things in life?
  • What if you could throw on anything in your closet and feel great when you leave the house?
  • What if your ‘skinny jeans’ became your everyday jeans?

Seriously, what would that be like?

"Since taking on board much of your advice, I've lost 14 pounds in just 4 months! 14 lbs that I couldn't have previously shifted through literal starvation. I'm absolutely astonished and as soon as I got back to my apartment, I had to write you an email to say thank you. Thank you! You've changed my outlook and relationship with my body. I feel that your advice has enabled me to get my body get to it's natural state."

- Charlie (London, U.K.)


The truth is...

You’re not lacking the genetic composition, willpower or motivation to ‘fix’ this ‘weight problem’. You’ve just been operating on the wrong information.

You know how they used to say the world was flat? And you know how that didn’t turn out to be true? Well guess, what?

It turns out the whole ‘calories in, calories out’ weight loss formula we’ve all been taught our entire lives - that’s not true either. And neither is the advice that stems from it.

Here’s the real deal...

It’s entirely possible to lose weight quickly and naturally without deprivation and punishing exercise.

Honestly, the best way to do it is to eat in the way we homo sapiens were designed to eat. And that just so happens to be the same way that leaves you bursting with energy, sleeping like baby and looking and feeling your best. It’s actually kinda awesome.

We know first hand, because we’ve done it. We’ve gone from self-conscious, anxious around food and depressed about our bodies, to healthier, happier and confident in our own skin.

And the best part? We did it without restricting ourselves, counting calories or going to boot camp five times a week.

In this course, we’re going to teach you exactly how we did it.

Dana and Bridget are the real deal. As someone who's struggled with obsessive calorie counting, poor body image, and punishing workouts, I can say that I finally feel good in my own skin. It's not about dieting harder. It's about living smarter. If you're looking to break through the noise of "dieting advice" out there and get real results, this course is for you. - Katie L.

If you're someone who hasn't cracked the whole "healthy, fit body" code and it's bringing you down, this course is 100% for you. Dana and Bridget have distilled the key steps to take in order to feel good in your skin everyday. Their surprisingly simple method works wonders. Trying it might just change your life. - Blair B.

Here’s a little secret for you, the one most ‘diet’ programs miss:

It’s not just about the food!

We ladies have a lifetime of diet and body image bullshit to unlearn first. Which is why The First 10 Pounds is different than other weight loss programs you’ve seen.

We dive deeper. And we help you unlock what’s really holding you back from getting the results you want. Because the truth is, you could have the perfect meal plan, a trainer and a personal chef on staff, but if you don’t fix your mindset first, you’ll never get the body (or the life) you really want.

This is a new approach. One you haven’t tried before. We’re going to help you lose those first ten pounds and help you look and feel so good that you’ll never want to go back to dieting again.

Can you imagine the relief you’d feel if you never had to diet again?


Before we get into the nitty gritty, you may be thinking, wait who are these chicks?

Allow us to introduce ourselves…We’re Bridget Shannon & Dana Barron

Friends, dog moms, bloggers and health coaches.

We’re the founders of Crop Tops & Kale, a website dedicated to inspiring women to stop dieting and live better lives.

We’ve packaged over seven years of personal experimentation, the hundreds of nutrition books we’ve read, courses we’ve taken, and our health coaching certifications from Institute for Integrative Nutrition into one digestible (no pun intended), easy-to-follow plan that you can implement right away.

This is a plan that will take you by the hand and help you shift your mindset, change your food and improve your life.

Trust us when we say, we wish this course was around when we were starting out.

Now, here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Mindset

Shifting your mindset around weight loss and your body is the crucial, missing step in most diet programs on the market. In this module, we’re going to get to the bottom of what’s really holding you back from having the body and the life you really want.

Module 2: Body

We’ve been fed the wrong information about what it really takes to lose weight for far too long. Cutting edge research over the past decade has disproven many outdated notions about why we get fat and what to do actually do about it. We’ll teach you how to understand your cravings, turn on your body’s natural fat-burning systems and make weight loss easier than it’s ever been before.

Module 3: Life

Setting our lives up to help us lose weight and keep it off for good is another missing piece in most modern diet programs. The truth is, there’s a lot more to feeling good in your own skin than the food you’re eating. In this module, we’re going to talk about creating the a life that keeps you feeling your best and at your ideal weight for good.

Class Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll

That’s a whole lotta value for less than a …

  • J. Crew sweater
  • Juice Cleanse that won't work
  • Bridesmaids dress that no, you're never going to wear again
  • Couple of dinners out

Think of this as an investment in your future because that's exactly what it is. And what you learn in this course will serve you far longer than any of the above. Besides, can you really put a price on feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin?


How do I know if this course is really for me?

This course is for you if you ...

  • Have tried everything and you’re still struggling to lose weight.
  • Are ready to commit to something new (that’s actually going to work this time).
  • Are sick of quick fixes and fad diets and you’re looking for real change that will last.
  • Are tired of spinning your wheels and just want to know what to do once and for all.

It’s also for you if you’d love to…

  • Look in the mirror each morning and genuinely like what you see.
  • Stop wasting all of your mind space and energy trying to get skinny.
  • Be able to go out to eat for once without freaking out about what to order.
  • Feel good in your own skin every day and finally put this struggle behind you.

This course is not for you if you’re...

  • Not into taking action.
  • Not open to thinking differently and letting go of conventional diets.
  • Not interested in understanding the deeper, underlying issues that prevent women from losing weight (and you just want a strict meal plan or something).
  • Offended by the occasional curse word.
  • A robot or something.
  • Pregnant (maybe come back after your baby human arrives?)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really do this during the holidays?
Um, yes! The holidays are the best time to learn this stuff. What better time to uncover what's really holding you back from losing weight? And what better time to know exactly what you can get away with eating at all of those holiday parties and still not gain weight?! Besides, come New Year's, everyone else is gonna be setting weight loss goals and joining the gym. You're going to be chilling out in your skinny jeans on the couch with a glass of wine.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
Let's call it 2-4 hours a week, depending on how much extra credit you want to get into in the resources section. If you go through the course sequentially, over three weeks, we think a few hours a week will be plenty of time. Basically, just put Sunday night Netflix binges on hold for a few weeks and you should be good.
Will I have to give up coffee and alcohol?
Um, no. We'd never ask you to do that. (Plus we'd be gigantic hypocrites.) But look, you're going to learn a whole lot in this course about what it takes to lose weight, including exactly which foods promote weight loss and which don't. But coffee and alcohol aren't technically foods, are they? (Muahahaa.) But seriously, there's no strict "off limits' list included in this course. You'll see. It's better this way.
What if I'm vegan or vegetarian?
More power to ya. While we aren't vegan or vegetarian ourselves, you'll see that our course is designed to allow for many different ways of eating, including being a veg-head.
What's actually included?
13 video lessons, exercises for each lesson in downloaded PDF format, a resources section with all of our favorite references, tools, cookbooks, and courses, 24/7 personalized email support from yours' truly.
When does the course start and finish?
You'll have access to the entire course almost immediately upon purchase. And it's entirely self-paced, so it starts and finishes whenever you say it does.
What if I hate it?
That would make us very sad but, we'd be happy to (Well, not 'happy to'. We'd be "kinda bummed to'.) refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.
When can I get started?
You can start right now!

The way we see it, you have two choices.

You can either do nothing, stay right where you are feeling bummed about your body and trying and failing to lose weight the old fashioned way.

Or you can take the first step today toward losing those first 10 pounds. You can hit the reset button right now and get a step-by-step plan to feeling great in your own skin and finally losing the weight.

Just ask yourself, where do you want to be come January 1? Same place you are every year? Or already well on your way to the body you’ve always wanted?

Get started losing The First 10 Pounds today.

Get started now!